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Living Forgotten Realms – Brantford Ontario!

Akanûl is a land defined by extreme geography, eldritch beasts, and genasi. A new nation formed in the devastated and warped lands between Chessenta and Chondath, Akanûl has overcome great adversity and is now a name to be respected and feared.

4-6 player seats open 22 point build as per living forgotten realm rules

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Living Forgotten Realms

Located in Brantford Ontario Canada This group is accepting members to play at Alternate Icons, a local gaming store We place once a month as is, and may increase game time.
Finigan Underfoot Halfling Sorcerer

Garou Wolfson Razorclaw Shifter Monk

Garotis Half Orc Archer Ranger

Hybos de-Koraf Minotaur Warden

Home Page

Living Forgotten Realms in Brantford Ontario spidieman